Dates for diaires

Monday 4th July
Walk the Walls
3:30 to 5:00
Friday 22nd July
Break up for summer
Term Dates 2016/2017
Summer   Mon 5th Sept 2016
Autumn half term Fri 21st Oct 2016 Mon 31st Oct 2016
Christmas break Fri 16th Dec 2015 Tue 3rd Jan 2017
Spring half term Fri 10th Feb 2017 Mon 20th Feb 2017
Easter break Fri 31st Mar 2017 Tue 18th Apr 2017
May Bank Holiday Fri 28th Apr 2017 Tue 2nd May 2017
Summer half term Fri 26th May 2017 Mon 5th Jun 2017
Summer break Fri 21st Jul 2017  

Latest News


Posted by admin on December 2, 2019

Have you received your December newsletter?  They were sent out recently via email.  If you haven’t seen it, check your inbox and look in the junk.  If you still haven’t got one, please let us know so that we can check the email address we are sending it to.

Thank you to everyone for returning your questionnaires – if you haven’t completed yours yet there is still time to drop one into the letterbox in the entrance.

Sing a rainbow

Posted by admin on November 25, 2019

There are only 3 more Monday’s until we break up for the holidays, but we have lots of things planned and we will be busy keeping all of our excited children occupied.  Don’t forget we are talking about colours this week and we will be wearing a different colour each day. Monday – red, Tuesday – yellow, Wednesday – green, Thursday – blue, Friday – orange.

To infinity and beyond...

Posted by admin on November 18, 2019

Thank you to everyone who donated to our ‘Children in Need’ collection last week.  We raised a fantastic £130.00! Everyone looked amazing dressed up in their outfits and pyjamas.  It has been a great week to celebrate a wonderful charity.


Activities & Topics

Activities/Topics this Term

  • Settling in - getting to know you
  • My Self and Family - finding out about everyone's family
  • The Skeleton - talking about our bones
  • Autumn - Changing seasons, keeping safe in the dark
  • Festival of Light 
  • Children in Need - Fund raising
  • Space - plants, stars
  • Colours - mixing colours
  • Christmas - everything that glitters!!!

Please note – Activities/topics are planned each term based around the revised EYFS framework.  However, as we respond to your children’s interests these may change.

At home with your child

If you have been doing something interesting at home or visited somewhere at the weekend we would love to hear about it.  You could jot a few words down that your child said, what you did and where you went, attach a photograph or an item you have collected e.g. an admission ticket, a flower.  It doesn't have to be a lot.   This week or weekend at home.pdf Copies also available in Pre-School.


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Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)

Foundation Years (Parents guide to the EYFS)

Government Support

Pre-School Learning Alliance

Rawdon Littlemoor Primary school

Net Mums

Safeguarding Children

Dates for diaries

Dates for this term
Mon 9th Dec
Christmas Sing-a-long
Mon 16th Dec
Christmas Party
Wed 18th Dec
Break up
 Term Dates 2019/2020
Summer   Mon 2nd Sept 2019
Autumn half term

Wed 23rd Oct 2019

Tues 5th Nov 2019
Christmas break Wed 18th Dec 2019 Mon 6th Jan 2020
Spring half term Fri 14th Feb 2020 Mon 24th Feb 2020
Easter break Fri 3rd Apr 2020 Mon 20th Apr 2020
May Bank Holiday Thu 7th May 2020 Mon 11th May 2020
Summer half term Fri 22nd May 2020 Mon 1st June 2020
Summer break Fri 17th July 2020  

Adverse Weather

In the event of severe weather conditions Greenacre Pre-school will open/close in conjunction with Rawdon Littlemoor.

Updates will appear here

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 You can also listen to BBC Radio Leeds (92.4fm and 774 medium wave), or check the Education Leeds website
search ‘School Closures’ and look for Rawdon Littlemoor.

When possible a message will also be left on the Pre-school answer phone (0113 887 9695).

Children say...

We are very privileged to work with your fantastic children and we would like to share with you the things they tell us....

One of our children has a new cousin, they told us... "Did you know about C's baby?  It popped out of her tummy and it had sellotape on it to close the hole and make it better"

A child was asked which were her favourite Minibeasts, "Beauty and the Beast" she answered.

As we were talking about our families one little boy said that in his family he had, "mummy, daddy, me and kitchens..."