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Welcome Back

Posted by admin on November 4, 2013

We hope you all have had a great week off and are ready to start the rest of the term.  It’s going to be really busy up to Christmas – so watch out for our newsletters and information so that you don’t miss anything.

This week as the weather is getting colder we will be talking about staying safe in the dark and how to wrap up warm.  We are also talking about fireworks and finding out if anyone has been to any displays or has had fireworks at home.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their Morrisons vouchers.  Please have a look in purses and bags to see if you have any lurking around.  We don’t send them away until next week so any vouchers you find will still count. 

Our photographer will be in school next Monday.  If your child does not attend Pre-School on Monday morning you can book a time slot on the form in reception.  These photos are lovely and make a fantastic Christmas gift – at a very reasonable price.

Wrap up warm this week – Jacky Jack Frost is around!!