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Visitors this week

Posted by admin on March 13, 2013

Wow what an exciting week so far.  We were very lucky to have been visited by a Police Lady on Monday and then on Wednesday the Fire Brigade came!

Sergeant Wilson spoke to the children about police men and ladies and how they could help them.  She showed us representatives of the police in children’s programmes – PC Selby, Officer Dibble, PC Plum, PC Potter (all men!!) Then we saw the different ways that the police travel around - helicopter, boat, horse, motorbike.  One child thought they should travel by “Police Butterfly”….. that must be for the softly, softly approach!

Next Sgt Wilson showed the children her uniform and asked the children what they thought her equipment was.  She has a “telescope” (truncheon) and “scissors for arresting people” (handcuffs).  The children loved trying on Sgt Wilson’s hat and riot helmet.  When asked for any questions one child told us that “My Mummy always crashes into things!” her details have been taken!!!!!

Then on Wednesday the Fire Brigade came with their engine to visit children in Foundation.  The Pre-School children were able to go and have a look at the vehicle and climb on board.  As they sat the firemen helped them to try on helmets and they saw the breathing apparatus, radios and other equipment.  What a great experience – especially for one little boy who wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

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