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Travelling fast to Easter…

Posted by admin on March 19, 2018

We break up for the Easter weekend next Thursday – how soon has that come around?  Hopefully the snow has gone for good and we will have warmer days to give us the opportunity to get out and about.

This week we continue to look at flowers – have you managed to find any in your garden or are they still hidden under the snow?  The children will be looking at flowers and having a go at drawing them and naming the different parts e.g. stem, petal, roots etc.

Next week is our ‘Frog week’ and we will be talking about the life cycle of frogs.  Unfortunately, we have no frog spawn this year for the children to look at.  Do you have a pond with any frog spawn in?  If you do please could you bring a jam jar full of it into Pre-School so that we can watch it change over the weeks? If you have a pond in your garden please remember to keep young children away from it, there has been many sad cases over the years where children have fallen in and died. 

That’s if for now – have a good week.