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Travelling fast to Easter…

Posted by admin on March 14, 2016

We break up for the Easter weekend next Thursday – how soon has that come around?  Hopefully the good weather will stay with us until then and it will be an opportunity for you and your families to get out and about.  The Free Early Education Entitlement finishes on Thursday 24th March so this will be the last day of the Spring term for some children so we will see you all again week commencing Monday 18th April.

It was lovely to see so many of you come into the classroom last Monday and have a look around and talk to the ladies about your children.  Have you enjoyed looking at your child’s profile?  Before you return it please write a comment and sign.

This week is ‘Frog week’.  We are talking about the life cycle of frogs and we even have some frog spawn in a bowl for the children to watch it develop.   If you have a pond in your garden please remember to keep young children away from it, there was a sad case over the weekend of two children falling into a pond and sadly died. 

That’s if for now – have a good week