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The snow has gone

Posted by admin on January 28, 2013

Phew!!  It's finally stopped snowing and we have rain and floods again - back to normal!

After all of the lovely snow last week we hope to have a quiet week weather wise.  However, not so quiet in Pre-School.... our topic this week is musical instruments.  The children will all have the opportunity to make a musical instrument and then they can take them home. We will be looking at different types of instruments and playing some of them.  Perhaps there is a parent or two who plays a musical instrument that would like to come and show the children.  If so please speak to a member of staff about coming in at the beginning or end of a session.

Chicken pox alert!!  If your child is complaining of a temperature be on the look out for spots.  If your child develops chicken pox they will need to be kept off school until the spots have dried.  Thank you. 

Have a great week