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The bugs are back!

Posted by admin on May 6, 2014

What an exciting week we’ve just had.  First Joanne the dental hygienist visited, she told all the children how to look after their teeth and what are good things to eat to help keep them healthy.  Then on Thursday the Police came, the sirens were going the lights were flashing…some children were even able to sit in the police car!  All is calm this week…or is it??

We love this week’s topic – meeting the mini beasts.  Our caterpillars are making themselves at home and are growing and growing and growing.  We will be hunting out in the Pre-School garden looking out for other little creatures which are creeping or slithering around.  Why not look in your garden?

Have you collected your blue bag?  Start having a good look around for clothes you no longer need or your children have grown out of.  It’s a really good way to raise money out of old clothes.

Have a great week.