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Spring Time

Posted by admin on March 12, 2018

Well we spoke too soon last week – the snow took us all by surprise on Thursday.  Well done to those of you who managed to get into Pre-school.  We waited until 10am to make sure everyone could get to school safely.  Hopefully THAT WILL BE IT FOR SNOW!!! 


It was great to see so many of you last week coming into the classroom for a look around.  Have you enjoyed looking at your child’s profile?  Don’t forget to bring it back as soon as possible so that we can keep adding to it.

This week we are planting seeds.  The children will have the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed.  They will be bringing them home for you to look after – instructions are on the side of the pot!  We would love to know how the plants grow so an update would be great – photo’s too.

How’s your garden looking?  Have you noticed the changes as spring arrives?  Have the daffodils started to appear in your garden?  They have in the Pre-School garden.  Do you have any snowdrops? 

Don’t forget if your child is poorly and not coming into Pre-School just give us a quick phone call to let us know, we do worry about our little ones when they don’t come in.  If you are going on holiday in term time please complete a holiday form so that we know not to expect your child.