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So much to do.... so little time to do it in!

Posted by admin on June 16, 2014

Wow didn’t all the children do well last week?  They toddled here, they toddled there, they toddled absolutely everywhere!  We saw some fantastic outfits – we especially liked Alfie the Alien – and so did Barnardo’s they even tweeted us about it!  Now that your children have returned home from mission control with their certificates and medals please collect in their sponsor money and bring into school as soon as possible.

Lots of things to remember in the next few weeks……Have you returned your child’s summative report?  Do you know when they are visiting their new Primary School?  Have you told the Pre-School? When they come back from their visit we can chat about it.  Watch out for the results of the questionnaire these are coming out this week.  We’ve started to collect prizes for the Summer Fayre – can you help with a donation or three? 

This week sees the start of our ‘Holiday’ Topic.  We will be talking about going on holiday and what the weather is like in different countries – really handy to have the World Cup going on as this will help to talk about lots of countries around the world.  PLEASE don’t forget to put sun cream on your child before they start their session.  It is so important - not only to stop their skin from burning but to protect them from harmful rays which may cause them problems in later life. 

Have a great week.