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Posted by admin on January 21, 2019

The snow trend continues – yes it was only a few flakes and it didn’t last for long, but it was still snow!!  This is the fifth year running that snow has coincided with our ‘Wintery’ topics!!  It remains to be seen if we get any more - but just in case it snows again you can check out ‘Our Parents’ page on our website to see any changes to our opening hours.


This week we are looking at and talking about different shapes.  You can help your child when you are out and about by looking for different shapes in the environment… traffic signs, packaging in the supermarket, windows, doors etc.   

Next week we will be looking at different instruments, how to play them and the sounds they make.  Do you play an instrument?  If so could you come into Pre-School and play for our children?  Please let a member of staff know if you can in.

Have a good week – and wrap up warm.