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Posted by admin on October 7, 2013

What a great week last week finding out all about our families.  The children drew some great pictures of their friends and families – some for their profiles and some to put on the wall.  You will be able to see the display when you come in for our parents evening in November.

Our topic this week is learning about our body and bones and how to keep them all healthy.  Our children will have the opportunity to draw, paint or stick a skeleton to encourage them to talk about different body parts.  You can help at home by using some basic words for bones e.g. skull, ribs and body parts e.g. hip, thigh, shoulder and pointing to them as you say them. 

Our home corner has turned into the ‘Greenacre Hospital’ so we will see if there are any budding doctors and nurses amongst our little people.

Have you received your newsletter from last week?  It may have been emailed to you or handed out in reception when you collect your child.  If you have not received it please let a member of staff know and we will get you another copy.