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Posted by admin on September 24, 2018

Our little ones are getting used to our routine and most are coming into the classroom independently.  Please don’t worry if your child is upset when you leave them, we take good care of them and they are usually settled and playing within minutes of you going!  We will give you a call and let you know they are OK.

We decided that our target is to tidy away toys without being prompted.  We already have lots of stars on our ‘Reason to Celebrate’ board, please continue to encourage your children at home to tidy away their toys when they have finished with them.  We have a little song we sing to help us – why not ask your child to sing you the ‘Tidying up’ song.

We are talking about our families and friends this week and we already have some fantastic family photographs for our display.  We are making pictures of our family, so to help us please talk to your child about how everyone is different such as eye and hair colour, long or short hair, curly or straight etc.

Have you received our newsletter?  It is full of information and important dates for you to put in your diary.  Don’t worry we try and remind you about them all, but we like to let you know in advance just in case you have to organise childcare or book time off work.

You should also have received a ‘Home link.’  This is a little bit of ‘homework’ for you to complete with your child.  It should only take a few minutes.  Once it has been completed please return it so that your Key Person can put it into your child’s profile.

Have a great week, if you have any worries or concerns please speak with a member of staff.