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The seasons are changing

Posted by admin on October 10, 2018

Are you all enjoying these lovely warm days?  Make the most of it as there looks like a storm is brewing for the end of the week.  Which tells us summer is over, and Autumn is on its way.  But then there are only 11 Monday’s left until Christmas… Yes really!!

This week we are practicing being independent by trying to put on and take off our coats, please help your child at home.  We are talking about being safe in the dark and wearing reflecting clothes.  If you are out and about at night help your child to see things which reflect in the dark.  Does your child know how to cross over the road properly and what to look out for?  We will be practicing road safety (don’t panic - not on a real road!).

Next week we will be talking about Autumn and the things we see outside.  Please help us to collect things for our interest table – conkers, pine cones, leaves (their colours are spectacular at the moment) acorns, etc.  Perhaps your child could bring them in next week and tell us where they found them and who helped to collect them.

Have you received our October newsletter?  It is full of information and important dates for you to put in your diary.  Don’t worry we try and remind you about them all – and hopefully tell you the correct dates!!

Have a great week, if you have any worries or concerns please speak with a member of staff.