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A sad farewell...

Posted by admin on July 17, 2017

It’s our last week at Pre-School before the summer holiday.  We will be getting the tissues out as we say a sad farewell to our little ones who are moving onto the next stage of their educational career.  We are so proud of the achievements our children have made during their short time with us.  They have developed so many skills, sharing, building relationships, talking confidently, mark making, having fun… so in the words of Nanny McPhee, our job is done! 

It is our Teddy Bear picnic week – hopefully the weather will stay nice – we ordered a heat wave but we don’t know how long it will last!!  Don’t forget all Teddy’s should have a label with their owners name on – we don’t want any missing bears!  More importantly don’t forget to take all Teddy’s home!!

For those of you who are leaving us this week, if you have any questions about your child’s transition please speak to a member of staff.

So it just leaves us to say have a wonderful summer break, Good Luck to those of you who are leaving us and to those who are staying we will see you week commencing 4th September.