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More snow.....

Posted by admin on January 23, 2013

Well we thought we had a lot of snow last week.....  It was great to see so many of you come into school this week after waking up to the covering of snow.  The majority of the Greenacre staff live locally and will walk into school when it is snowy, so we will always try to keep open.

The children have been very creative this week.  We have been talking about animals who live in the cold areas of the world and the children have been busy in the craft area painting penguins, drawing seals and making polar bear collages. 

We have loved listening to the children talking about their experiences in the snow - sledging, building snowmen, having snowball fights - one little girl has talked about going ice skating - perhaps a future contestant on 'Dancing on Ice'!  We would love to see any snow pictures you have taken of your children playing.  Perhaps we could put them in their profiles?  If you have any please pass them onto your key person for them to put into the profiles.

We are sending home a letter and recycling bag this week for you to put your used cartridges in.  We receive money in return for the sending cartridges and old mobile phones.  Please have a look at home and at your work place and help to raise funds for the Pre-School.  Thank you.

The focus this week has been about using positional language, up, over, under etc.  When talking to your child encourage them to see where objects are positioned - you can even make a game out of clearing things away, putting toys in the box, under the bed, on top of the cupboard.

Hope you all keep safe in the snow - a bit more is on it's way later in the week - depending on which weather man you listen to.

Until next week....