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Last week for some

Posted by admin on March 23, 2015

Due to the cut off for the FEEE funding on Friday this will be the last week of term for some of our children.  So for those, we hope you have a fantastic break and we will see you all again on Monday 20th April.  If you are unsure of your last day (Friday 27th March or Thursday 2nd April) please speak to a member of staff to check.

We have had some frog spawn donated and it is on our interest table.  The children are watching and waiting for the tadpoles to appear.  We love this time of year when so much is happening in the environment. 

We are continuing this week with our spring theme and planting some seeds.  When your child brings their pot home you will need to put it nice warm place and help your child look after the seeds.  They will need repotting and putting out side when they have grown taller.  Once they have flowered, perhaps you could take a photograph of your child next to their plants and bring the photograph in and talk about it at news time.

Have a good week.