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Keep your boots handy!

Posted by admin on May 5, 2015

We hope you all had a nice weekend break.  Did you go to watch the ‘Tour de Yorkshire’?  What a great event – and right on our doorstep.

This week we are starting our mini beast topic.  We will be looking at all little beasts which creep, crawl, flutter and fly.  Our caterpillars have grown from 11mm to almost 30mm and they are now spinning their cocoons for their chrysalis stage.  Once they are all at this stage they will be moved to their new environment in the butterfly house. 

We have an exciting visitor coming on Wednesday – the bug lady!! She came last year and brought lots of different creepy crawlies.  She talks to the children about their habitats and what they like to eat and if then let’s everyone hold them. Watch out in our gallery for photographs.

Have a look around your own garden to see if you can find anything creeping and crawling.

Have a good week.