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It's the Summer Term!

Posted by admin on April 15, 2019

We hope you all have had a great break and are ready for the next six weeks until the half term.  Although we have two weeks of four days to start off with!  Then we are back a week and then another 4-day week.  Don’t worry we will keep you up to date when we are in!

We have a lot to pack in this term, most excitingly is of course the confirmation of Primary School places and the start of your child’s next stage of their education.  When you have received your confirmation email, please inform your key person which school your child has received their place for so that we can start the transition documentation.

This week is the start of our Mini Beast topic and we are looking forward to our caterpillars arriving. They are so fascinating to watch growing bigger and bigger and then change from caterpillars into a chrysalis and then to a butterfly. It’s exciting; we will keep you up to date.

Also, this week we will be having a visit from the ‘Bug Lady’.  In the past our children have loved her visit, she tells them all about cockroaches, snails and stick insects.  The children find out all about their habitats and behaviour and if they are brave enough they can hold them!!  The ladies have to be brave too!

The new FEEE funding forms will be sent out to you this week.  Please complete and return them as soon as possible so that they can be processed.  If you have any questions about these forms don’t be afraid to ask – or email.

Have a good week.