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It’s raining, it’s pouring….

Posted by admin on October 6, 2014

My goodness what a change to the weather!  Have you found your winter coat?  At least the weekend was lovely and sunny – did you go anywhere nice?  If you have trips out with your child don’t forget to bring something into Pre-School so that at news time your child can talk about where they have been.  It’s great to share their experiences with everyone.

This week we are talking about the body and the skeleton.  Our Home Corner is now ‘Greenacre Hospital’ and we have lots of attentive doctors to look after patients.  If you have ever broken a bone it would be great if you could talk about your experience with your child (as long as it’s not too scary!)  Do you have an X-ray your child could bring in and talk about at news time?  Do you work in a hospital?  Could you come and talk about your job?  We will be learning the ‘Bones’ song.  If you would like to learn the song with your child you can find the actions and words on the internet.

Have you received your October newsletter?  Don’t forget to write all the important dates in your diary – the photographer, the Christmas concert and the Christmas party.

Have a good week.