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If you come to Pre-School this week….

Posted by admin on July 14, 2014

You’re sure of a big surprise!  Our Teddy’s are getting ready for ‘picnic time’ and thankfully the weather looks to be great once again.  Our gazebo is out and so is the bunting – it’s going to be an exciting but sad week.

Don’t forget if you are bringing your teddy to Pre-School for their picnic put your name on it so we don’t have any lost teddies.  One more thing to remember – SUN CREAM!!!  Slap it on before coming into Pre-School and we will ‘top up’ if your child is staying all day.

O my, we have lots and lots of tissues at the ready this week.  We are saying a sad farewell to the majority of our children as they move onto ‘big school’.  In the words of Nanny McPhee – “Our job here is done”.  We are extremely proud to hand over our fantastic children and send them off on their learning journey.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of your child’s life this year.  Although the work still continues with the four that we have coming back to us in September and our new starters.

So we close this Friday 18th July (Littlemoor are still open until Tuesday 22nd July).  We hope you enjoy reading and sharing your child’s profile.  This year we have changed the format and all the Key persons have really enjoyed putting together a Pre-School story for their Key children.  Don’t forget if you want to make a comment about us please write it in the comments book in the reception area or go to the bottom of our ‘About us’ on the website.

Before you go……remember to take all your child’s belongings with you – hats, jumpers, shoes, sun cream, hair slides, teddies…..children!!

Cheerio and from all the staff we hope you all have a great, safe, summer.