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How well did they do?

Posted by admin on December 4, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to join us on Monday to watch our Christmas Sing-a-long.  We were so proud of our children – weren’t they fantastic?  We raised £150 towards our resources for your children, thank you to everyone who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets.  Now we have finished the concert and the props have been put away we are preparing for our Christmas party next Monday afternoon.  If your child does not attend the afternoon session please bring them at 1.00pm to join in the fun. 

Has your child brought in their Home Link – letter to Santa?  We have sent the first batch off to the big man and we know he will be busy checking his naughty and nice lists.  Please make sure they are all in by this Friday as that’s the last wind to the North Pole….

Please don’t forget to return your collection candle for the Children’s Society.

Have a great week.