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Have you seen any mini-beasts?

Posted by admin on May 11, 2015

What a brilliant afternoon we had on Wednesday when the Bug Lady came to visit us.  She showed us huge hissing cockroaches, massive stick insects (which looked like branches!) and gigantic snails!  The children loved it.  They were able to touch and hold lots of different creatures – and most of them were happy to! 

So we are continuing with our mini-beast topic this week.  We are looking at those creatures which creep and crawl.  Our caterpillars have built their cocoons and are fast asleep.  We are keeping an eye on them daily, waiting for them to hatch out into beautiful butterflies, let’s hope they do that before we break up for half term.

Have you received your Barnardo’s Toddle sheets yet?  This is our annual event when we raise money for Barnardo’s to help children where needed.  Every penny counts – so no matter what you are able to donate – a pound or a little more, it will all go towards the total.  Don’t forget it’s a pirate theme so if your child wants to dress up they are welcome to do so.  We will also be having a pirate day in June, more details to follow soon.

Are you collecting for our bag appeal?  Your bags need to be at Pre-School by 9am on Monday 18th May.  If you need any more bags we have some left in reception!

Have a good week.