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A Foggy start

Posted by admin on November 2, 2015

Well we are back to Pre-School this week, welcome everyone – have you had a good week off?  We have all recharged out batteries and are ready to start the next part of the term to Christmas.

It’s the start of the festival of light and we begin the week with our bonfire activities.  We are counting fireworks (don’t panic – not real ones!) and our craft area will be filled with glitter as the children make bonfire and firework pictures. 

The school photographer is coming next Monday (9th November).  If your child usually attends Monday morning they will be photographed during the session.  If your child does not attend and you would like their photograph taken then please put your name down on the list in reception.  Our photographer has been coming for many years and has produced some fantastic photographs – even of those children who are reluctant to smile in front of a camera.  The packs are reasonably priced and are an ideal gift for Christmas presents.

On Wednesday 11th November it is our informal parents evening.  This is an opportunity for you to come into Pre-School and have a look around the walls and see what we have been doing.  You will also have the chance to speak with your child’s Key Person and take home their profile to read about their adventures in Pre-School.

That’s it for now…. Have a good week.