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Conkers?? Autumn??

Posted by admin on September 19, 2016

Can you believe it is almost Autumn?  After such a lovely weekend it is hard to believe that we will soon be enjoying windy wet days!!  But then there are only 13 Monday’s left until Christmas…..

We are happy for our children to bring in something of interest to talk about at news time (no toys please) we have already had a child bring in a conker, this sparks some great conversation and learning.  When you are out and about with your child why not look at the environment and see if there is something unusual that they can collect and bring into Pre-School.

The children are settling into the Pre-School routine and we have some lovely characters emerging!  Last week we set a new target, children are being encouraged to say please and thank you at the appropriate times, without being prompted.   When they have achieved this they will receive a stamp on their hand and a star to put onto our ‘Reason to celebrate’ board.

Have a great week.