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Colours Galore!

Posted by admin on June 29, 2015

It’s our week of colours – we are looking at a different colour each day.  Monday is red and then it will yellow, green, blue and orange the following days.  If possible (and if you remember) could your child come into pre-school with the colour of the day?  A hairband, a tee shirt etc.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their child’s summative report.  We are busy putting together the transition documents for schools and finishing off profiles.  Don’t forget next Monday is an opportunity for you to come into the classroom to have a look around we are open from 3:30 until 5.  You will be able to see the wonderful things your child has been doing, chat with the ladies and pick up your child’s profile – all welcome.

We have an extremely busy week ahead of us.  The children are going into Littlemoor to see their new teachers for a short time.  We have teachers visiting from other schools and some children who start in September are coming to have a look around. If you have any worries or concerns about the transition process please speak to one of the ladies – we are here to help.

Apparently we are going to have some hot weather this week – so don’t forget to slap on some sun cream on your child before they come into Pre-School

Have a good week.