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Check out your colour

Posted by admin on May 8, 2017

This week is our colour week.  Each day we will be focusing on a different colour.  Why not dress your child in the colour of the day?  Monday is red, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is green, Thursday is blue and Friday is orange.

We have 4 butterflies from our first batch of caterpillars.  They are happy in their net and when they are big enough we will let them go free into the wild.  Our second batch of caterpillars are HUGE!!  They are getting ready to make their cocoons as they have made their way up to the top of the tub.  We will keep you informed of their progress – or why not ask your child how they are doing?

In preparation for the weather to improve into hot summer days don’t forget to put sun cream on your child before they come to Pre-School.  If they are staying for the full day we will reapply cream at lunch time – just make sure you send sun cream in with their name on it.

Have you received our newsletter?  Don’t forget to bring in your Sainsbury’s vouchers and your FEEE forms.  Are you decluttering?  We already have received quite a few bags, so if you want to bring them in before next Monday just drop them off at reception.

Have a good week.