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Caterpillar update!

Posted by admin on April 29, 2019

Our caterpillars are now fully fed and have made their way to the top of their tub.  They have attached themselves and are busy building their cocoons.  Once they are stable we will move them into the butterfly net to see what happens next.  The children are really interested in their development and have been watching them grow.

Have you received a Bags2school bag to recycle your old clothes?  This is a great opportunity to have a spring clean and get rid of all that unwanted clutter.  Bags will be collected on Wednesday 15th May, but you can bring your bags in before then and we will store them until collection day.

Next week is our colour week.  We focus on a different colour each day and would love the children to come dressed in the colour of the day, or wear a hint of the colour e.g. socks, hair clip etc.  So that you know in advance Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is green, Thursday is blue and Friday we finish with red.

Don’t forget it’s the bank holiday weekend so we break up this Friday and return on Tuesday 7th May.

Have a lovely weekend.