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Butterfly Alert!

Posted by admin on May 16, 2016

We have butterflies! We have Maria, Karen and Clare so far. They are fluttering away and drinking their sugar syrup. We will release them into the wild before we break up for the half term holiday next week. We are not sure of the other two – they are still lying dormant.

Everyone made a real effort last week to come in wearing the colour of the day.  Each day was just a mass of colour.  Thank you to everyone – we hope it didn’t stress you out too much!!  This week is healthy eating week, so we will be talking about foods which are healthy and those which we shouldn’t eat too much of.  Also this week we will be growing cress and each child will have their own little pot – please help them to look after it when they bring it home.

Thank you to everyone who has dropped in their Sainsbury’s vouchers – we will be having a count up this week to see how many we have and then we will have a look what we are able to exchange them for.

Don’t forget this Friday is ‘Bag 2 School’ day.  Bag up your outgrown and unused clothes and shoes and bring them into Pre-School.  If you are not in on Friday but have a bag, then bring it in and we will store it until they are all collected.

Have a good week.