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Posted by admin on October 30, 2017

We are back after our week off and can’t wait to get started on our next half term.  We have lots of things planned and of course the excitement will start for the big man’s arrival in December! (Sorry if it's a bit early to be thinking of it!!)  We have some new children starting this week so it will be great getting to know them all and meeting their families.  If you have any concerns or worries about your child please speak with a member of staff.

Autumn is well and truly underway; it was a bit of a shock this morning having to defrost our cars!  Did you remember to put your clocks back yesterday?  We will have to go around Pre-school this morning adjusting all or our clocks or we will be going home an hour early! 

Don’t forget next Monday (6th November) is our informal parents evening.  We will be here from 3:30 until 5.  This is an opportunity for you to come into the classroom and have a look at all the hard work we have been doing this term.  It is also a chance to meet with your child’s Key Person and have a chat to see how your child is getting on.  You will also be able to take your child’s profile home to look at.  If you are unable to visit on Monday then please speak to your child’s Key Person to arrange a suitable time for you to come in.  We look forward to seeing you all.

Have a great week and stay safe.