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Bones, Bones, Bones

Posted by admin on October 2, 2017

It was great to see photographs of family members last week, thank you to everyone who sent them in.  It was a lovely opportunity for children to ‘show and tell’ at carpet time; they proudly stood at the front of the class and talked about their family and when and where the pictures were taken.

This week we are looking at our ‘skeleton’.  We will be talking about bones and what they do, where they are and what they are called.  Don’t worry we are only going to name a few bones, not the total 206 – so no need to get the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ out!!  But it would be helpful if you could talk about bones at home and especially if you have broken any of your bones in the past.  We will also be learning the skeleton song which you can find on YouTube if you want to join in with us!

We have had some lovely ‘Home links’ returned it has been great to read that children are enjoying their Pre-School experience.  The Home links will be added to your child’s profile, so that you can look back on them in the future.

Have you received our Newsletter?  There are lots of dates and information for you.  If you registered to receive it by email and have not got it please look in your ‘junk/spam’ sometimes it gets lost in there!

Have a great week.