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Autumn leaves are falling down.

Posted by admin on October 13, 2014

Thank goodness the weather brightened up towards the end of last week.  This gave us the opportunity to go out for a walk around school to look at the different coloured trees and collect some leaves.  We have dried them out and will be using them for our displays and other activities during this week.  When you are walking to and from school why not talk with your child about the changes in the environment during autumn.  

Watch out this week for your Home Link, it is a little work to do with your child at home.  Thank you for everyone who completed the first one and returned it.  How wonderful it was to read that the children are settling in and enjoying their new learning experience.  It will be put into your child’s profile for you to keep.

Last week Rawdon Littlemoor had a visit from Ofsted, we hope everything went well.  During the last cycle the Pre-School and Primary school were inspected at the same time.  Sooooo……. We are eagerly waiting for the knock on the door when the inspector calls to us!!

Have a good week.