Accessibility testing

1. Executive Summary

This report describes the conformance of the Greenacre Pre-school Web site with W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0. The review process is described in Section 5 below and is based on the W3C's Conformance Evaluation method as described in Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility

Based on this evaluation, the Greenacre Pre-school Web site meets WCAG 1.0, Conformance Level Double A. Detailed review results are available in Section 6 below. Resources for follow-up study are listed in Section 7 below. Feedback on this evaluation is welcome.

2. Background about Evaluation

Conformance evaluation of Web accessibility requires a combination of semi-automated evaluation tools and manual evaluation by an experienced reviewer. The evaluation results in this report are based on evaluation conducted on the following date(s): 17/12/2012. The Web site may have changed since that time. Additional information on the evaluation process is available in Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility

3. Web Site Reviewed

  • Greenacre Pre-school
  • URL's included in review
    • Auto:
    • Auto:
    • Reviewed manually: [Form labels]
  • Date review conducted: 17/12/2012
  • Natural language(s) of Web site: English (UK)

4. Reviewer(s)

5. Review Process

  • Conformance was tested, e.g. WCAG 1.0 Double A
  • Used WCAG 1.0 checklist (essential)
  • Evaluation tools utilised:

6. Results and Recommended Actions

7. References