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Posted by Parent of LG on
What a wonderful Pre-School Greenacre is! Our daughter has loved her time here and we will both really miss the ladies cheerful smiles and chats as she moves onto big school. Julie and all of her experienced staff are lovely, warm, caring, friendly and welcoming. They really care about the children and they take very good care of them and they are very supportive to parents and carers too.
They work hard to give the children a happy, interesting time and help them to make good friendships and develop as well behaved, confident people. A lot of thought goes into interesting topics they learn about and this is backed up by the first class arts and crafts activities, nature activities and walks around the big school. My daughter always comes bouncing out of Pre-School with armfuls of wonderful things she has made and lots of stories to tell me about the ladies and all her little friends.
It is a lovely setting, safe, secure, comfortable and bright, with many different toys and activities all carefully organised into distinct area to help the children to choose what to play. The outside is lovely with opportunities to ride vehicles, jump on the trampoline, enjoy different games and explore nature. Inside the children enjoy a lovely calm atmosphere and the daily routine prepares them well for school.
The profiles that are sent home at the end of each term are wonderful records of all the fun they have had at Pre-School. The Key Workers get to know their children so well and we have come to regard them all as friends.
We are so pleased we sent our daughter here and we will miss you Greenacre.
Posted by Alexis on
Having worked with pre-school aged children myself, I had high expectations of what I wanted for my daughter’s early years education. I knew as soon as I had a look round the setting that this was a very well run environment for little explorers and learners that was lead by a lovely group of ladies. My initial observations were spot on and numerous times over the past two years I’ve been immensely grateful that my daughter was being nurtured in such a lovely place. She has absolutely adored her time at Greenacre Pre-School and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others. Keep doing what you do and thank you for being such a big part of E’s early years.
Posted by Naomi Packer on
Our little girl has had the best year at Greenacre and I feel she is now fully prepared to start big school in September. She talks about all of you with such admiration and has loved every single activity you have done with her. She has always been excited to go to school and it took very little time to settle her in to the pre-school routine. We thank you all for everything and we are sad we have no more children to send through your doors!
Posted by Parent of G on
The setting is nicely set out and not too busy and overwhelming. There are lots of spaces for imaginative and creative play and to forge friendships with both peer group and adults. It has really helped prepare my child for school.
Posted by Parent of L on
My child's year at Greenacre has been so much fun and has fully prepared him both socially and academically for school. His confidence has flourished and has a good awareness of rules which have been established at Pre-School and rewards for doing good tidying and listening. He will miss the Pre-School ladies but you have all given him a flying start. Thank you.
Posted by Parent of A on
Greenacre far exceeded our expectations for a Pre-School. We have been so happy with the care provided and don't see any areas that have not been to the highest standard. Thank you all so much for all you have done in this very important year.
Posted by Becky on
My son had already been to a nursery before starting at Greenacre, the difference in his development is astronomical he’s come on so much since the transition, I cannot thank the girls enough. Myself and my son cannot wait for another exciting year at Greenacre.
Posted by Virginia Chatzidaki on
No words to describe how grateful we are about the care our daughter received at Greenacre pre-school. She but also us loved every moment of these last two years. Motivation, learning, play and development all merge in one way: love and being loved by the key worker, the management team but also the kind and respectful staff. Well done Greenacre staff, you gave our daughter the wings to fly..!
Posted by Parent of LA on
Greenacre is a very organised and well run Pre-School. The staff are always friendly and happy to help. My daughter has had a fabulous time here and although she has her Key Person she thinks the world of all the staff members, which is really nice. It is clear to me that the learning is very structured but this doesn't come across to the children which is great as they can just have fun.
Posted by Parent of BT on
The Pre-School ladies have gone over, above and beyond for my son from when he first started where he only communicated through Makaton to now where they help him with his 'traffic light' system. I don't think we could have found a more friendly, loving setting where our son has flourished into a happy little boy.
Thank you Greenacre you are a fab Pre-School and should be very proud of yourselves and your setting.
Posted by Naomi Packer on
There are no words to describe how much our little boy has changed over the last 12 months and we believe it is down to his experiences at Greenacre. He was always excited to attend and he settled in very quickly to the setting. This was made much easier by the care and attention he got from each and every staff member at Greenacre making his days there enjoyable and memorable. Thank you so much for everything you have done for him and we feel he is now better prepared for starting 'big school' in September! His sister can't wait to follow in his footsteps!
Posted by Louise on
I actually don't even know where to start! The ladies at Greenacre are so amazing and it really shows how much effort and care they put in. My daughter just loves coming and is devastated on the days she's not attending. Just recently they did the Christmas concert, well I for one didn't have a dry eye. The ladies really worked so hard and the children were fantastic! Hats of to Julie and all the ladies! Thankyou for making my little girls days with you so lovely.
Posted by Parent of JR on
We have been very spoilt by the standard of care that our son has had. It is very apparent when looking at nurseries for my younger son, that all day care is certainly not up to the same standard as Greenacre. Thank you for looking after J for the past year and a half.
Posted by Parent of LT on
Without a doubt, Greenacre is the best Pre-School in the area. I recommend it to everybody. The staff are always happy and helpful. Profiles are fantastic! I find the website and emails very useful in case I ever forget anything. Keep up the great work Greenacre Pre-School!!
Posted by Parent of EL on
Our son has absolutely loved his time at Greenacre Pre-School, the staff have been absolutely brilliant and he talks about all the staff with affection. They've kept him reassured when he's needed it, understood his personality and nurtured it and made us feel so comfortable and confident that he's settled. He's always coming home with something and tales of his days. We were pleased that Greenacre lived up to its recommendation and I am sad that he has now left but he is going with a great foundation towards his further education. Thank you.
Posted by AB on
It's not always easy, it's not always fun.
But thank you so much for being the one,
who listens to his tales, ties his shoe laces and wipes his nose!
Who get's him to smile, when he is feeling sad.
Thank you for your patience, laughter and joy.
Thank you so much for teaching my little boy!!
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